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Your Environmental Services Expert Serving California Since 1988



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Asbestos Abatement

Our Qualifications

safety-asbestosJakela Inc. is a full service asbestos firm. Our services include inspections, removal, free consultation, and free estimates. All of our field personnel are trained by CAL-OSHA / EPA approved institutions. All asbestos samples are analyzed by independent laboratories.

Our company is registered and licensed by The Department of Consumer Affairs, The State Contractors Licensing Board, CAL-OSHA, and The Department of Health Services Toxic Substances Unit.

Where is Asbestos Found?

Sprayed on ceiling coatings

Also known as “cottage cheese” or “popcorn” ceilings, these coatings were either sprayed or troweled onto ceilings. The coatings contained asbestos from 1945 through 1978, and sometimes later. A laboratory analysis is generally required to detect asbestos in these materials.

Acoustic ceiling tiles

Asbestos was incorporated into a wide variety of ceiling tiles, panels, and inserts.

Forced air, gravity heaters and ducts

Between 1935 and 1974, these types of heaters and distribution ducts were commonly insulated with an air-cell asbestos or asbestos tape.

Wall and ceiling insulation

Homes constructed between 1930 and 1950 may contain insulation made with asbestos

Patching compounds, tapes and textures

Wall and ceiling joints were often patched with compounds containing asbestos. Also, some textured paints sold before 1978 contain asbestos

Floor tile and linoleum

Asbestos was added to some floor tiles and linoleums for strength. It is also often bound in the backing materials of some tiles and linoleums.

Roofing felt paper, shingles and wall siding

Roofing felt paper, or tar paper, can contain high percentages of asbestos. Some types of roofing shingles and exterior siding shingles were manufactured using portland cement containing asbestos as a binding agent.

Transite Siding/Roofing

Cementitious shingles and wall siding, commonly known as transite can contain asbestos.


Cement sheets, millboard and paper that contain asbestos have been use frequently in homes where wood burning stoves have been installed. These insulations have been used to protect floors and walls around the stove from heat. Door gaskets in such stoves frequently contain asbestos.

Radiant heat boilers and pipe insulation

Boilers and hot water pipes were commonly insulated with materials containing asbestos. These application were originally intended to reduce heat loss and protect nearby surfaces from the hot pipes and boilers.

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